Masters Program
Deluxe Masters Gown
-fully fluted with pleated front -very full cut -made from high quality Pilgrim fabric -crease resistant and colorfast -large drop down sleeves as per Intercollegiate Standards
Deluxe Masters Hood
Colors are determined by your discipline and university or college.

    Mortar Board and Tassel
Black deluxe Mortar Board made from high quality Pilgrim fabric. Superior, comfortable construction. Includes black stranded tassel
Three Elegant Gown Styles From Which To Choose

We offer a host of styles and materials from which to choose:


M2000 is a knit, lightweight polyester material. Our most economical gown. See M-2000 material colors.


Freedom is a woven polyester weighting about 6 oz. per yard., Our most popular collegiate gown. See Freedom material colors.


Pilgrim is a heavier , denser, woven polyester at 10 oz. per yard Our finest material. See Ultra material colors.

Our standard souvnir gowns are shirred (gathered) at the yoke. The gown is traditionally styled with two front pleats on either side of the zipper closure, two smaller side pleats and graceful gathering across the back and shoulders.

Our souvenir doctor gown is designed with synthetic velvet front panels starting at the yoke and finishing at the hem.

The souvenir style gown is available in either the knit M2000 or the woven Freedom material.

Our economy fluted gowns are manufactured of Pilgrim material and traditionallystyled with two wide front pleats and fluting across the back and shoulders providing fullness to the body and sleeves, a key to attractive and graceful draping.

Each unit come with gown, a one-size-fits-all mortarboard and a year-date tassel.

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Robe Protector and Wooden Hanger
Protect and preserve your academic regalia in a zippered vinyl garment bag.