The Mortarboard
Vee Stoles
This personal memento is the graduate's very own. It's part of their graduation attire they can take home with their diploma. The cap is available in colours to match our rental gowns and includes a tassel (in your choice of colours) with a golden graduation year date pendant. Tams, Mortarboards, and Beefeaters are also available.
Graduation vee stoles are made from Pilgrim fabric and are available in one, two, and three colour combinations for purchase. Stoles with your school logo are also available.See our fabric and colour chartColor swatches of your choice are available on request for vee stoles and all products.
Souvenir Graduation Tassels

A terrific memento for family and friends. They make a great graduation announcement! A Golden Graduation Yeardate Pendant hangs from the band. Souvenir tassels are available in solid colours as well as two and three colour combinations.

Key Chain Tassels

The perfect souvenir that can be used daily. This miniature tassel is available in solid or two colour combinations. The gold clasp holds your keys and is a functional reminder of your school days' accomplishments.

Need Medallions for Graduation or for your Honors Program recognition celebration.. Call us! Just send us your seal artwork and we'll do the rest. Call today for a quotation.
Honor Cords

The Honour Cord is made with a double stranded twisted golden cord with tassels attached to each of the ends.
Honor Stoles

The Honour Stole is made from gold satin in the traditional stole style with the word Honour inscribed on the front.